Computer Fraud Investigations

Digital forensics investigations since 2007

Computer Forensics Lab analysts have been involved in numerous criminal and civil cases in the United Kingdom since 2007. Our clients have won many cases with our help. We extracted and analysed digital evidence from many digital devices and presented it to investigating officers or lawyers.Ā 

Highly experienced digital forensic examiners in criminal prosecutions, civil litigation, PCI DSS forensic investigations and GDPR-compliant incident analysis and reporting. Key skills include forensic examination of computers, mobile devices, social media and cloud computing using a variety of forensic tools including EnCase, X-Ways, FTK, Nuix, Oxygen ForensicĀ® Detective, Magnet Forensics, XRY and Cellebrite UFED. Joseph also specialises in E-discovery, EDRM with extensive knowledge of data collection, data carving usung data processing tools such as Hex Editors, FTK Imager, CAINE, DEFT, Nuix and Relativity.

Our experts know what it takes to successfully navigate a computer forensics investigations:

  1. We follow proper forensic protocols throughout all stages of the investigation: consulting, data preservation and collection, analysis and expert testimony and reporting;
  2. We prevent acquired digital data from being modified, contaminated, physical damage, heat exposure, and magnetisation;
  3. We know which factors are important to consider when selecting a computer forensics expert, including what to look for in training and experience;
  4. We know how to find a balance between handling a matter internally and consulting an outside expert if required;
  5. We are fully trained in best computer forensics practices which help us conduct a thorough and conclusive investigation in all cases we handle;

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