Digital Footprints

Digital Footprints

Computer Expert Witness Services:

With a unique blend of technical knowledge and legal case practice, we can provide you with the expertise your case requires. We have extensive courtroom experience and we can present complex technical evidence in a clear and concise manner.

Digital Forensic Examination:

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience in using the most advanced digital forensic tools. We have the ability to implement the most efficient processes and procedures necessary to identify and deliver electronic evidence that is both reliable and robust.

Cyber Security Consultant:

Individuals and organisations alike are increasingly exposed to the fast growing and aggressive nature of cyber-attacks. We can offer a wide range of consultancy services to identify and reduce cyber-risks and in turn limit exposure to the deliberate threats from malicious cyber-attackers.

Internet Investigation:

With a detailed knowledge of the many underpinning Internet related technologies, we can offer the specialist skills necessary to identify and capture vital on-line digital evidence.

For more information, visit Computer Forensics Lab.

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